Where There is Charity and Wisdom There is Neither Fear nor IgnoranceSt.Francis Assisi


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1A study to assess the Care giver's belief associated with medication adherence among children and adolescence with epilepsyDr. Angela Gnanadurai
2Quality of worklife of Nurses and its impact on job satisfactionDr. Sr. Philo Reshmi
3Efficiency of Raw diet and yoga to control Type 2 DM in different stages of deceases processSr. Tresa Anto
4Effectiveness of school based intervention on bio physiological parameters and selected health behaviors among adolescentsMrs. Ramya K R

1Efficacy of Non pharmacological measures on knowledge and practice of premenstrual syndrome among adolescentsBaby Rani
2Effect of pulmonary rehabilitation on pulmonary function measures among COPD patientsBini M D
3Effectiveness of self instructional module on knowledge and practice regarding a traumatic nursing care of hospitalized children among staff nurses in pediatric ward.Clair Mathew

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A chapter on “ Safety measures” in Clinical Neuroscience Nursing by Dr. Sukhpal, PGI, Chandigarh. - By Dr. Angela Gnanadurai.

1Effect of video teaching on knowledge in prevention and management of selected mosquito borne fever among mothers of childrenAnsa Sunil
2Effect of skill orientation on practice of breast feeding technique among mothers of preterm babiesJeenamol C J
3Effect of self instructional module on knowledge and attitude in prevention of coronary artery diseases among patients with diabetes mellitusJisha Sebastian
4Effect of video teaching on knowledge and attitude about self care management of COPDJojo Jacob
5Effect of skill orientation on knowledge and practice of post operative feeding technique among mothers of children admitted for orofacial cleft surgeryRinu N Lukose
6Effect of structured teaching programme on knowledge and attitude of reproductive tract infection among women Seffin Jose
7Adequacy of steps followed during intrahospital transportation of unstable patientsMinty Mathew
8Effect of pre-procedural teaching on level of knowledge and anxiety among patients undergoing cardiac catherization Rincy P R
9Effectiveness of structured teaching programme on first aid management of selected minor injuries among adolescents from selected school of thrissur district Rinu Joys
10As body to assess the effect of surgical safety checklist on adequacy of immediate post operative assessment among postoperative patients in postoperative units of JJCH & RI , ThrissurVineetha Davis
11Effect of warm compress in labour outcome among women during labourBloomy P Baby
12Effect of antenatal exercise on outcome of labour among antenatal mothers Steffy Tomy
13Effect of structured teaching programme on level of knowledge regarding labour and newborn care among primigravid mothers Salykutty David
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Foundation Of Nursing

This course focuses on the role of the professional nurse and provides an overview of the delivery of professional nursing practices and role transition.

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Child Health Nursing

This course introduces students to the theoretical knowledge and clinical skills of the child health nurse.

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Medical Surgical Nursing

The course focuses on concepts relating to care of the adult in the acute care setting with commonly occurring medical-surgical problems.

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Mental Health Nursing

Mental health nursing uses the study of human behaviour as its science and the purposeful use of self as its art.

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Obstetrical & Gynaecological

Obstetric wards admit antenatal and postnatal patients whilst Gynaecology wards admit patient with diseases of the reproductive system.

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Community Health Nursing

Explores rural community health nursing, focusing on historical development, philosophy, health care systems, epidemiology, and individuals, families, and specific aggregate groups.

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