Post Basic Diploma

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Aim of the Post Basic Diploma In Cardio Thoracic Nursing is to prepare registered nurses ( GNM or B.Sc ) with specialized knowledge , skills and attitude in providing advance quality care to patients with cardiothoracic problems and their families.


At the end of the course

  • Describe the concepts and principles of cardio-thoracic nursing
  • Perform advanced cardiac life support skills
  • Apply nursing process in caring of patients with cardio-thoracic diseases.
  • Communicate effectively with patient having cardio-thoracic problems and their family members
  • Demonstrate skills in management of cardio-thoracic services/units
  • Participate effectively as a member of the cardiac care team
  • Make a plan for organization of cardiac and thoracic units
  • Conduct research in cardio-thoracic nursing
  • Teach and supervise nurses and allied health workers

For post basic diploma in cardio-thoracic nursing

  • Be a registered nurse (RN& RM) or equivalent
  • Possess a minimum of one year experience as a staff nurse
  • Nurses from other countries must obtain an equivalent certificate from INC before admission
  • Be physically fit
No. of Seats Available - 15
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